I love helping people to discover how they are wired, to celebrate the uniqueness of everyone and to bridge differences between them.

I'm very enthusiastic about Myers Briggs (MBTI). This tool gave me the language to become more aware of myself and others. As a result I've seen improvement in my relationships, including my marriage. Last but not least I've grown as a leader of myself and others by applying MBTI.

My background is in human resource management, social work and coaching. The common thread is helping people to grow in their identity, relationships and overcoming obstacles. In recent years I've specialised myself in MBTI as a MBTI® Certified Practitioner. 

I love walking in nature, making photographs and drinking coffee preferably in Italy :-)


What I do

The coaching I offer will help you to:

  • Learn about yourself by identifying your natural strengths and discovering your potential areas for growth.
  • Appreciate important differences between people and understand how different types can work together in a complementary way.

I'm working with Myers Briggs as a self-assessment tool. I'm not putting you in a box but provide for you a journey where yourself can discover what your natural preferences are.  I'm working with individuals, couples, friends, work mates and teams. 

The goals of the coaching can be:

Developing yourself  

  • Understanding your natural strengths
  • Activate your underused abilities
  • understanding stress reactions
  • problem solving

Relating to others

  • Family relationships
  • Working relationships
  • Communication styles
  • Resolving conflict

Working in teams and organisations

  • Leadership style
  • Managing change
  • Valuing diversity
  • Considering team and organisational culture

The coaching is virtual via internet conference and you only need a computer and a wifi connection. I also give workshops and training for teams on location. This is tailor made. 

If you are interested and would like a initial conversation for free, just get in touch with me. 



Why Myers Briggs?

Myers Briggs helps you deepen your self-awareness, improve your relationships or become a better leader.  I have experienced it myself by discovering my strengths, opportunities to develop and seeing my personal and working relationships growing I'm very enthousiastic about this tool.

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an internationally recogized psychological tool based on decades of research wich identifies the different ways how people interact with the world around them. It offers a fresh lens through which to understand and develop the way people gather information and come to decisions.

The Myers Briggs model of personality is based on four preferences:
1. Where, primarily, do you prefer to direct your energy?  
2. How do you prefer to process information?  
3. How do you prefer to make decisions?
4. How do you prefer to organise your life?  


"Due to Jacolien's guidance it was one of the most interesting journey of self discovery I did in the past years. I enjoyed working with her and analysing my personality, learning my strengths and weaknesses as she gave professional insight and feedback. I'd love to do other coaching guided by her and have recommended her to several colleagues and friends."

Hélène van der Roest - managing director TAK Africa

"For the first time I have more insight how I respond in stressful situations and why I respond in this way. Jacolien could explain this with clear examples. I've got also tips how I can deal with this. Everyone who wants to get more insight into themselves, I can recommend these conversations."

Jessica Scholten - teacher

"The right questions, the clear explanation, the probing analyses, insightful advice and useful tips opened our eyes again. Even after 20 years of marriage this process helped us to get to know and understand each other better. In short, we can recommend an MBTI assessment and coaching with Jacolien wholeheartedly"

Arno and Dorien van Engelenburg - senior pastor and account manager

  "Some years ago we had a whole week of teaching on Myer Briggs. The teacher was great and had good exercises. Still we have not applied it much in our lives, it has been good to be aware of the differences, but that´s been it. The conversation/coaching we got with Jacolien and Sharon helped us in a whole different way. We got help to see how we practically could use our differences as strengths, both in ministry and in family life. And we got help to see how our similarities can be a weakness for us, and how we can make sure that it wont be. We are excited to move on as missionaries and parents with new and valuable insights."

Kristian and Karianne Lande - project leaders Normisjon