Sensors and Intuitives

This is the third part of our blog series about celebrating our differences and today we're talking about Sensing and Intuition. To be honest, this is probably the hardest dimension to understand. Only this morning we had a conversation with our Stepping-stones team about how important it is to gather, both the information Sensors can build on and the ideas that inspire Intuitives.

Sensing and Intuition relate to the type of information we gather and rely on. As we continue to repeat, in all our blogs, all personality preferences bring benefits to each other. So if this is all you take away from our blogs that would be enough! 

But for those of you who want more and are are still with us...  

What does it mean to be a Sensor? 

Sensors gather information via their five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. They are interested in what is real, current, actual and use facts as a foundation to build towards decisions. They naturally attend to the details whether it is the sparkling dew on a green leaf, the exact size of a bolt on a wheel or the remembered expression on a child'sface. They like to build on past experiences and enjoy working step by step. 

What is it that we celebrate about Sensors?

What I, Jacolien, love about living with Sharon, who is a Sensor, is that she enjoys living in the moment and often takes immediate action. For example when I say: "Shall we invite Jim and Marie for tea", before I know it she is picking up her phone to call them.  Also she is naturally motivated to action ideas and is not satisfied with theory alone. She wants to implement the ideals in our everyday life. Sensors make change happen in the here and now. They also love to please their senses, so enjoy having beautiful design and colours around them and that is a real gift for the people who share their environment. 

If you want to know what was said or what date something happened try asking the Sensor in the room. Sensors are essentially practical. I, Sharon, can remember one occasion in Africa. We were hoping to go on a trip into the bush. The Sensors in our group made sure we were prepared with tents and water so that when we finally received our invitation we were ready to take the amazing last minute opportunity.

Mark, Jacolien's husband, is an Intuitive and we asked him what he celebrates about Sensors. He said that Sensors help him to live and have fun in the here a now.  Also when Sensors ask him specific questions it helps him see his blind spots and to identify the next step needed to accomplish his future goals. Sensors help him to communicate and explain his ideas clearly, so that everyone can get involved so, "go on the adventure together :-)". 

What does it mean to be an iNtuitive?

Intuitives love to see how things connect together. They tend to focus on the future. New ideas and possibilities inspire them. Often they will look for a completely new way to achieve something, just because they love innovation. Intuitives enjoy blue sky thinking and conversations that focus on concepts, theories and global themes.

What is that we celebrate about Intuitives?

I, Sharon, have lived and worked with a number of Intuitives. I have loved the creativity and fun they bring to life. Exciting things just happen when Intuitives are involved. The BBQ becomes the "Summer Extravaganza " and the games on the beach become, "The North Yorkshire Olympics"! Life is not mundane! Intuitives are great at synthesising ideas and are really helpful when I want to consider different points of view. They are not bounded and crowded by details but see the big picture. They are creative and inspiring. 

I have enjoyed my discussions with Intuitives as I have been contemplating Britain's place in Europe. When I have needed to think about my future, it has been my Intuitive friends who have been most helpful at widening my perspective and who have helped me identify my options.

I, Jacolien, am married to Mark who is an Intuitive. I love the way he always sees new opportunities and is passionate about future possibilities. He encourages me when I propose a new adventure and is always open to new ideas, e.g. living in a missional household. He loves doing this in the here and now because he can foresee this working in other places and he is excited about the opportunities we have to multiply what we do and coach others who can't live with us. 

Living for more than 22 years with an Intuitive has helped me, as a Sensor to develop my Intuitive function and has certainly made my life more of an adventure! 

Questions for reflection:

  • Do you think you are a Sensor or an Intuitive? What can you celebrate about that?
  • Who do you know who is your opposite? How can you appreciate what they bring? How will you communicate that appreciation to them?

Do you have any comments or questions? We would love to know what you may find helpful for us to look at in future blogs. Next time we will be celebrating the differences between Judging and Perceiving preferences.